The tradition of pastries

Authentic traditional products that stand out in our homes and hearts.

Since 1970, with pure ingredients from our home lab, and the strict supervision of our grandmother, her first successes and smiles. Many years later from our own lab with respect to tradition they arrive in your own place with the same traditional recipes.
The nuts and our tasteful pastries have traveled from city to city and have brought out the old Greek pastries. Pure ingredients taken from nature, make up the creation of old authentic recipes, creating extraordinary flavors that come to satisfy even the most rigorous judges, such as the pastry lovers. From natural honey, sugar and sesame, is the best sweetener that nature offers, rich in energy and nutrients.

With enthusiasm and experienced hands, we prepare these pastries in our own laboratory from a recipe of pure, natural ingredients that highlight the value of Greek traditions and Greek nutritional value .Knowing well the traditions of our country, we share our products with you with toil and respect for man and the Greek tradition … with love from the past!

All of our products are handmade without any preservatives