Groundnuts are an excellent source of vitamins of niacin and folic acid. They contain plant sterols that help reduce cholesterol. A handful of peanuts contain 160 calories.

Hazel nuts

Hazelnuts are nutritious, rich in protein and minerals. Eaten mainly cooked and considered one of the most beneficial nuts. They are used in chocolate industries, pastry and bakery where they are ground together with wheat for bread production.


One of the finest and delicious nuts. They have been classified as SUPERFOOD for their nutritional value, because they give us plenty of beneficial ingredients, energy, vitamin minerals and beneficial antioxidant ingredients.


Cashews are rich in vitamins β, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium and copper. When consumed in measure, monounsaturated fats have a beneficial effect on our health and can help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.


Aromatic ingredient derived from the nectar of plants, gathered by bees and is very nutritious and healthy. It gives clarity to the mind and contributes to the prolongation of life.

Dark Chocolate

ΠA product that comes from cocoa trees as a basic ingredient. A great ingredient in pastry, sweets, ice cream or biscuits. Scientific trends have proven that dark chocolate helps relieve stress, and that is why psychologists recommend it to students when they are in a period of examinations.


A fruit rich in vitamin c. It also contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A. Good for human nutrition due to its high nutritional value. It is also used in pastry because of its great antioxidant action.


A product of great nutritional value for humans, which is related to the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases. In India today, it is called “the King of Taste”.


The fig was an important element of the diet of the Mediterranean people in antiquity, as it was also a good source of income for the ancient Athenian state. In antiquity, they fed the animals that were using for their liver with figs, which resulted in the etymological affinity of the words fig and liver. The fig was also used in the antiquity for the female genitalia as a sexual innuendo. Figs are produced in Greece, while there are also traditional recipes with this tasty fruit.


The beneficial walnut, which is also a symbol of intellect, apart from their benefits in health, they were also considered food for the mind. Very tasty where it can be eaten as sweet, mixed with yoghurt or cereal or as a base for many sweets.


Almond is the seed of the almond tree. The exocarp is grayish-green and fluffy. Inside, there is the core, a woody bark and within it one or two seeds that are also used for food or processing. Depending on the variety of the tree, the seeds are sweet or bitter. Almonds contain 25-40% almond oil, used in pharmacy, cosmetics and perfumery. Almonds contain 18% protein. In many states, almonds are used to cure nerve and eating disorders, as well as to prevent cancer.


Raisins are considered a protection shield for the body, with many beneficial abilities.Raisins come from desiccated grapes,that have been exposed in sun or in desiccants.It is rich in nutrients and yields 60 calories per 10 raisins.In the past, raisins have been a key element in the diet of our ancestors, who believed that they contained magical and particularly beneficial ingredients.

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